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April showers brings two weeks of instagram posts featuring flowers... and these images as well.

Natural light is not my prefered light; it's unpredictable and can pose a number of challenges, like weird shadows etc. However, I love the bright and explosive images it produces. With that in mind, a landscape that was poppin (the flowers were poppies) and a dress to match, my friend Jutta and I set out to Walker Canyon to lug our gear up a mountain while capturing the rare sight of the vibrant flora.

Thanks again to Jutta for being brave enough to trek where others dared not to and for caving in when I suggested we eat at Sonic.


Japan | Street


"Japan" is a chronological display of my month-long adventure... in Japan. With this series, I wanted to capture what life is like in a country that holds true to it's traditions while leading the way in today's modern world. I also wanted an excuse to do, and shoot, cool stuff.

If you'd like to adorn your walls with some of what you see here, prints can be purchased at:


We Love It | Street

"We Love It!" These are the words that are shouted after every victory at Dodger Stadium (and via text amongst a select group of friends). But it's more than just some words from a song; it's a declaration of the united admiration of "it". "It" being the Dodgers. To most, the Dodgers represent a baseball team. To me, they represent a community. A community that, despite the health risks, lives blue (Pantone 294 to be exact).

That's what these images represent.

I never planned on this being a thing. I just happened to bring my camera to a game, and from there, one image lead to another... and another. And though different areas presented unique obstacles, that often times forced me to play within their confining rules, I learned that that's what makes Dodger Stadium so beautiful.

That's why I love these images... that's why I LOVE IT.

We Love It: Images From Dodger Stadium is a collection of photos captured during the Los Angeles Dodgers' 2016 Season

Half-Life | Editorial

I have very talented friends. Knowing people, who are good at what they do, significantly helps in both the creative process and the final product. Whether it's hair and makeup or being the face in front of the camera, having a team that can flawlessly work together is something I look for and cherish.

Full Disclosure: This concept wasn't my idea. My friend, and makeup artist, Ana had presented this look to me and wondered if I'd be interested in doing an official shoot with our friend Jessica. I, of course, said "duh" and off we were. Having worked together in the past, it was a breeze to get the images you see below.

Thanks again to the amazing team of Ana and Jessica. Every shoot has challenged us in our respective fields and I can't wait to see what we create next.