We Love It: Season I | Street

"We Love It!" These are the words that are shouted after every victory at Dodger Stadium (and via text amongst a select group of friends). But it's more than just some words from a song; it's a declaration of the united admiration of "it". "It" being the Dodgers. To most, the Dodgers represent a baseball team. To me, they represent a community. A community that, despite the health risks, lives blue (Pantone 294 to be exact).

That's what these images represent.

I never planned on this being a thing. I just happened to bring my camera to a game, and from there, one image lead to another... and another. Though different areas presented unique obstacles, that often times forced me to play within their confining rules, I learned that that's what makes Dodger Stadium so beautiful.

That's why I love these images... that's why I LOVE IT.

We Love It: Images From Dodger Stadium is a collection of photos captured during the Los Angeles Dodgers' 2016 Season