Glow | Fashion


One of the things that I love about photography is that it allows you to create without having to worry about much. Show up, shoot stuff and see what you get! That's how this day went down. What started out as in impromptu lifestyle shoot, turned into an afternoon full of sun, sand and the occassional seagull fight.

Shot in Long Beach, my friend Elwa and I were tasked with showcasing one of the newest pieces from Moonglow Jewelry in Miami, Florida. We decided this would be the perfect opportunity for a Boho-chic inspired shoot that brought together the intrinsic beauty of both her and the necklace. With the help of the beach and the impending sunset, the scene was prime for some of my favorite images I've captured this year.

Thanks again to Elwa for being such a consistant joy to work with. Also, thanks to Moonglow Jewelry for providing us with the "Meteor in Silver" necklace you see below.