Haven | Fashion

The next verse is the same as the first.

For round two, I wanted to keep the same look/feel of Eric's previous shoot while allowing these new images to have a style of their own. With a new direction, Eric and I setup shop in LA's Art District and captured what you see below.

Once again, Eric brought it. His attention to detail on his end allows me to focus (pun intended) on what is needed on mine, which allows for more creativity to come through during the shoot.

Hooded Shirt: J. Crew - Halyard Hoodie / Blazer: Fellini Uomo / Shoes: Vibraun - Oxford / Pants: Gap - Skinny Khaki / Hat: Newsboy Hat

B.T.B.D. | Fashion

Eric Lloyd was born to be different. From his exuding style to his lust for life, I knew this shoot was going to be full of energy from the jump.

Upon arriving at our shoot location, near Willow Studios in DTLA (Downtown LA), we agreed we needed to utilize the red wall you see in the images below. With that as our base, we decided on an outfit that was simple in appearance yet stark enough to stand out on it's own.

The end result is exactly what we set out to capture and I can't thank Eric enough for helping bring everything to life.

Shirt: Gap - Paisley Jacquard Shirt / Sweatshirt: Gap - 1969 Sweatshirt / Shoes: Adidas - Stan Smith / Pants: Zara - Bird's Eye Trouser / Hat: Black Fedora