The North Face | Editorial

Welcome to the dawn of Urban Functionality: Where style and performance are the only things that matter and what you wear is what you say.

For this editorial, I wanted something different. Something that, obviously, showcased the clothing (brought to you by The North Face) but also spoke directly to the target audience. With the title of the latest installment of HYPEBEAST Magazine being "The Exploration Issue", I knew it would be a perfect opportunity to combine the two worlds I live in: Photography and Graphic Design. I'll be honest though... the topographical map was not a part of the original plan. Thankfully, there wasn't a lot of time to think about the creative direction. I had to jump and I'm very happy with where I landed.

The images you see are the product of a total team effort. Huge shout-outs to Latrira Sarapo for her stylistic proficiencies and to Eric Lloyd for, once again, bringing the heat on the modeling tip.


Look 1 (Blue w/ Silver):
Jacket: Jet Softshell Jacket / Vest: Thermoball Vest
Pants: Ampere Pants

Look 2 (Orange w/ Grey):
Jacket: Low Pro Hybrid Jacket / Pants: Ampere Pants
Shoes: Thermoball Mule

Look 3 (Green w/ Camo):
Jacket: Gatekeeper Thermoball Herringbone Jacket
Vest: Thermoball Vest / Pants: Isotherm Windstopper Pants

Look 4 (Grey w/ Red):
Sweater: Mayson Full Zip Sweater / Scarf: Thermoball Scarf
Pants: Hyalite Pants / Shoes: Thermoball Mule

Look 5 (Yellow w/ Grey):
Jacket: Hyalite Jacket / Pants: Ampere Pants